The Elder The Movie
I have reset The Elder as a post-apocalyptic road movie, you might call it The Road meets 28 Days Later meets Excalibur

It's set in a world where myth and reality are conjoined - and the only dependable source of knowledge and information comes from wind-up radios (everything is wind-up now), via the only corporation left standing after the destructive global conflict, Blackwell Corp.

The Elder The Movie

Blackwell Corp's broadcasts soothe the peasant population, tempting them into their 'settlements', and enticing them with water-purification tablets and medicine. Such an existence is tantamount, however, to slavery, and many survivors prefer to eke out independent existences from the land, with all of the inherent risks this involves. One such family's ranks include the Boy, whose remarkable talents are hidden by his family from the world at large, fearing capture and exploitation from Blackwell. Evidence of the Boy's talents are spotted, however, by the wandering madman, Morpheus, whose eccentric ravings claim knowledge of an alternative to the relentless yoke of Blackwell.

The Elder The Movie

Who is this Morpheus? Is he insane or is 
he some kind of mystic visionary? What alternatives does the Boy realistically have? He realises he has no choice but to follow Morpheus out into the wilderness, in search of the possibility of redemption for the future of humanity...

All images on this page are from the documentary taster clip shot, made and produced by Mentorn Media UK. They do not represent the actual Elder movie in any way, shape or form.


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