Let's Get Physical


Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 July 2012 20:03

(The following blog post was written by our Art Director David Bailey, and not in fact, as it says on the left hand side, by Seb.)

Comic Con was great. An enormous hall filled with an enormous amount of lovely, nerdy people, many of whom were dressed as their favourite sci-fi characters. They were hungry for stuff: collectable magic, discontinued action figures and ageing celebrity's autographs. It was their big day out.
Our stall was well situated on the main thoroughfare/film aisle, where we set about accosting, enthusing and foisting on anyone whose face wasn't concealed by a mask. fyi. Talking to a Boba Fett is quite unsettling, let me tell ya.
Some passers by were too-cool-for-school, shrugging off our advances, but the majority stopped to listen and learn. "Sounds good" was the green light to aim them at our mailing list where suddenly they were the ones signing autographs. 
We must've collected hundreds (dozens) of email addresses and dished out thousands (hundreds) of postcards. My blind eye was defiantly turned to the few discarded cards seen underfoot/hoof/wheel etc. Idiots.
So, yeah, a success. We'd presented our project to an offline audience, sufficiently tickled hundreds of  alien fancier's fancies, plus The Elder Team had finally got to hang out together. As a gang. POW! 
We had however missed a golden opportunity to distribute flyers outside Kiss's concert at The Forum in Kentish Town just forty eight hours earlier. But lets not dwell on that.