Progress Update


Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00

Quick progress update.

I'm currently sorting through all the takes from our three-day trailer shoot a few weeks ago and selecting which ones to go with, and in which general order they're all going to go in. As soon as this is finished (later this week), I'll get these notes over to our editor Verster du Plessis in London, who will then spend the subsequent couple of weeks putting together the edit. I'll then sit down with Verster and we'll work out a final version.

While this is all going on, our new Facilities Manager Helen Bradley Owers and myself are going to be planning a series of launch events for the trailer, the details of which we are keeping under wraps for the time being, but details will be forthcoming shortly. With these events we're going to be going all-out to maximize publicity - after this launch we're going to be in official pre-production for the feature film we'll be shooting next summer, so the trailer launch h
as to be BIG, and the world has to HEAR about it. So we'll be hitting the press / promotion trail pretty hard, in various exciting different ways.

This Elder movie trailer launch looks like it's going to be in EARLY OCTOBER, so these events are all being planned for around that time.

We will also at around this time have a finished screenplay too, so armed with these twin barrels, we really hope to be in a good position to get out there and raise some serious finance with which to make our movie. With a great script, you have bona fide cinematic currency, it's as simple as that, so we've got to make sure this finished screenplay is really goddamn humming and pressing all the buttons it needs to press.

We will then attempt to go and pitch this whole movie project to KISS themselves, in person. We still want Gene to play Blackwell.

So that's what we're going to be up to over the next few weeks and months. We'll continue to update you here and on Facebook and Twitter and ElderTube - this movie site is going to be radically overhauled at some point in the near future - so watch this space!

Thanks as always for your continued support and faith in this film project. We appreciate it 100% and are all working incredibly hard in order to make this happen.

We've still not quite paid for the trailer yet so please go here to buy yourself a DVD copy of the finished movie!

Many thanks - we're getting there!!