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Not enough blog updates, tell me about it. Hopefully, however, you realise the lack of updates is simply because I'm working so hard on film stuff that unfortunately the blog always seem to be the thing that suffers. For this I apologise. From the end of next week I should be blogging more, as Colin our webmaster is coming to stay and is going to finally show me how the Blogsy app he insisted I download months ago, actually works. That should make things much easier for me. EASIER FOR ME TO AVOID.

We're launching the Elder trailer this Friday October 19th at the Soho Screening Rooms on D'Arblay Street in London. This has been my focus for the last few weeks and, to be honest, months. In fact I am writing this blog on the train to London where I am meeting Owen shortly and we're going to check out the technical specs for the screening room and work out what we're going to need and where we're going to stand and what we're going to say and where we're going to put the beer barrel. On my lap with a bendy straw.

The big question facing this event has always been: are we going to have something actually worth showing? There has always been the very real possibility of complete failure on this, essentially standalone short film project. The thinking went that if we can't even put together a decent two-minute trailer, then why even dream of going for the full-fat 90 minute mofo? So the stakes have been abnormally high throughout this process, and as we finally approach our Reckoning Day, I guess I'm feeling pretty confident we've made something that stands up. I will happily stand in front of a room of 30-40 journalists in a few days' time and show our trailer without apologies or caveats. I'm proud of it. Our editor Mike Peter Reed has done a wonderful job under continual harassment and haranguing from yours truly, and for this and all of his hard work, I cannot thank Mike enough. OK that's enough thanking Mike.

I have another Mike to get down on my knees to offer thanks to, and that's Mike Dunn, who has composed and recorded the original music for the trailer. We decided to junk the Mozart in the end, simply because Mike is immeasurably superior. He also got a massive male choir to sing "MORPHEUS!!!" in super-The Omen-doom-style, and it's spine-tinglingly awesome, dudes. Mike managed to throw all this together in mere DAYS, so massive respect is due. The last time I saw Mike was when I was eight years old at boarding school and Mike was attempting to teach me geography (I appreciate this is quite weird). This project has a way of bringing people together, and this has to be one of my favourite instances so far. I am looking forward to actually meeting Mike again on Friday, for the first time in...33 years. Bloody hell. Ulan Bator.

I have also NEARLY finished writing the screenplay. As soon as this draft is finished I have a few more tweaks to make (MOTIVATION!! RAISE STAKES!! CUT WHOLE SCENE!! SHORTEN BY 30 FCUKING PAGES!!), before we start to think about tactical circulation.

Now we have the finished trailer and almost screenplay too, the time has arrived to get a proper nuts 'n' bolts producer on board the film project. Owen is going to continue producing, but in a lesser capacity in order to allow our new and, we hope, recognised producer the room to...produce. We then hope to be in a position to pitch the movie project to KISS in person, as well as to a few others from whom we have already received interest. So it's quite an exciting time. As of this Friday we'll be in official pre-production for the feature. And there is going to be a hell of a lot to do.

We have already sent the trailer off to our KISS contacts, so that Gene and Paul can have a look before we go public with it this weekend. We always try to send everything we do to them first, simply out of courtesy. Whether or not they actually see/read it, we don't know, but we know some has got through. The response so far has been positive.

Our trailer will be available to view in HD on the Elder movie site from 6pm GMT on Friday October 19th. The trailer features rather a lot of sub-bass, which you'll miss if you just listen via computer monitor speakers, so sticking it through a decent set of speakers is highly recommended.

We hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think!

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