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Good afternoon.

It might look like nothing has been happening here at the Elder movie, but OH, it has. I have been spending the last few weeks working on the latest (fourth) draft of the screenplay (and, ahem, avidly digesting William Goldman's immense 'Which Lie Did I Tell?'). Yes indeed, didn't we all think our script was FINISHED?!?


(It's NEVER finished. At some point it just stops getting rewritten.)

When I got to the (initial) end, back in November 2012, I had a quick cup of tea and a biscuit and then went straight back and started again from the beginning. As a result we now have a script which is shorter, tighter, and gleams like a bright, polished horse show. Hoses now. Oh don't we all love predictive type. HORSESHOE. IT GLEAMS LIKE A GOD DAMN HORSESHOE.

Why did I even choose the word HORSESHOE? Oh God, my iPad is now automatically capitalising the word HORSESHOE. I couldn't write a lowercase HORSESHOE if I wanted to. Horseshoe. Panic over.

So we have a working script! A script to send to people! Who should we send our script to? Obviously my first thought was Tommy Shaw from Styx, but in the end, I emailed Doc McGhee (KISS's legendary manager) politely requesting a meeting with Gene and Paul, in order for us to pitch the movie project in person. Doc very courteously replied the next day saying he'd circulate my email amongst the guys and hopefully get back to me ASAP.

This was two weeks ago now. Should I be nervous?

It's not as if KISS are planning a massive WORLD TOUR or anything at the moment, which begins, in Australia, IN A MONTH.

Yesterday I sent a reminder.

Next I'm thinking that final scene in Se7en.

But with this script now in my hands, I feel like I have magic powers. Like a magic shield. Like Jason and the Argonauts. Whoever that guy with the Minotaur was. Jamie and the Magic Torch. Can somebody please edit an education into this blog post for me? Jesus Christ.

Oh and I'm holding fire on attempting to get a new producer on board as I figure if KISS do want to get involved, the fewer people hanging off this project the better, so far as they're concerned. They might want their own producer, or cheese board, or anything. So let's keep this clean and loose and just get this script over to em, pitch the project, and then see what happens. There's not much more I can do right now. My work is kind of done, for the time being. The script is as good as I can make it (until the next draft, as you sadistic bastards never tire of reminding me). I'm incredibly proud of my screenplay. It's a great story. It has great characters. There's no flab. It races along. It has twists, turns, and a tasty reveal at the end. IT'S A FILM. IT'S A GOD DAMN FILM.

Please, if nothing else, let's all drink to that. We have a script. A workable draft. And it's THAT which is going to open all these doors. Or at least aggressively bark HELLO? through an intercom.

Right, Doc?