February update!


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First of all, sincere apologies for the lack of updates recently. We are not dead, we are just readjusting somewhat on the sidelines.

What’s been going on with the Elder movie over the last few months?

Well, our (insanely busy) graphic artist Claudio Bergamin is to shortly deliver our long-anticipated concept art for the movie which, as soon as we have, we’ll be in a position to move onto the next stage…phew!! I’ve seen samples of what Claudio has been working on, and these pieces look truly great, and will massively contribute to getting us over the next hurdle.

I have also been working on a fifth (at least I think it’s fifth…one loses count) draft of the original screenplay, and the script is in as good a shape as we can get it, certainly until we are in a position to have to embark upon imposed rewrites.

Although this film project is still 100% live and ongoing, the pace has inevitably slowed down as I’ve not been able to work full-time on the thing, as I did - entirely unpaid of course – for 18 months. I simply couldn’t afford to devote all of my waking time to it, and have been working on other creative projects in the meantime, as well as my ‘proper’ job of attempting to raise two young children. So it’s kind of like spinning plates, really. But rest assured, after all the passion and hard work that so many people have put into this project over the last few years, we’re not going to just stop, after we’ve come as far as we have.

A few months ago we came to a T-junction. The script was ready, the vision was complete, we were finally ready to shit or get off the pot, if you’ll excuse my French. The dilemma was to whether to attempt make the film ourselves using Kickstarter (with no official authorisation from KISS…dangerous), or join forces with an established film production company, with whom we could then raise proper finance, and attract more experienced personnel and prestige to the project, as a result of which KISS would (we were informed) look more favourably upon us. Money begets money. KISS would only (maybe) come on board if we took the second route.

So as a result of this dilemma we decided to attempt to move forward under the aegis of a film production company. To do things properly, as opposed to stumbling around further in the dark. It makes a lot more sense.

So this is where we are now. With our glistening, fifth-draft screenplay, spectacular concept art and fully-realised vision, we’re going to head into Spring with a spring in our step, seeking collaboration; seeking partnerships. Because we’ve done as much as we possibly can on our own. If our vision for this movie is to be ultimately fulfilled, we need help now in order to move forward.

Thanks for reading. And thanks as always for your support. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

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